Sports Law (815)


Course Description Credits Course Type Code
530 Property I Credits: 3 Crs Type: R
540 Torts I Credits: 3 Crs Type: R

Course Memo

This course will survey a range of legal issues presented by sports in America. Students should be prepared to learn and apply basic principles of antitrust law and labor law. Constitutional law, administrative law, contract law and tort law will also be applied. Topics will include the regulation of the professional sports labor market, drawing from contracts, and antitrust and labor law. The course will also treat the regulation of agent representation of athletes, the regulation of sports franchises and sports leagues, including the powers of commissioners' offices in major sports leagues and the regulation of intercollegiate sports.

Course Section Description

Exam or Paper Option. students who have completed at least 30 credits hours may choose to satisfy their Upper-Level Writing Requirement in this course.