Title Examinations (649)

Course Memo

Who really owns a particular piece of property? What mortgages for what amounts are of record as real property liens on a specific tract of land? What easements connect up with that tract? How much land are you really talking about? All these questions and many more are answered by a title examination. By properly searching the title to property, you can determine who owns what, whether or not it is marketable, and therefore a property that can be sold, and countless other relevant questions. This information is invaluable in Circuit Court, Family Court, the Master in Equity’s Courtroom, Probate Court and in a huge number of mortgage foreclosures / partition actions / quiet title actions / purchase agreements / long-term leases / and many other proceedings and settings. This class is designed to give a true “hands on” approach to the title examination. Most of the class will be held in the RMC Office downtown at night (RMC, by the way, stands for the Official Office for the Public Recording of Documents in Charleston County for deeds, mortgages, mortgage satisfactions, plats, easements, and countless other property documents that need to be recorded).

Course Section Description

This course is graded pass/fail. This class will start on Tuesday, August 22 and will end on Thursday, September 14